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About me

I have been working for a few years.
Since August 2019 I have been working as a geologist at Geovit srl on projects ranging from geotechnics to the environmental field; in particular, I deal with the planning, execution and processing of geognostic, seismic and environmental surveys and the drafting of technical documents.

During the previous years I worked for the IT Group in the field of environmental remediation concerning fuel break-ins on oil pipelines and ENI fuel depots.

I have acquired great skills in planning, execution and interpreation of geognostic (surveys, SPT and DPSH tests) and geophysical (MASW and HVSR) surveys. But also in the drafting of technical documents and geological reports. I have experience in the use of specific instrumentation also for environmental monitoring (water and land), in the removal of polluted soil and in the installation of remediation systems

I made my own a professional approach which, combining good interpersonal skills with a fair capacity for analysis and the ability to work in a team, guarantees me a winning strategy to achieve the goals in my work. The enthusiasm and passion I dedicate to my work every day complete and enrich my profile.
Matteo Laudato - geologo Matteo Laudato - geologo

Master in Engineering Geology, achieved on April 2020 at Geotechnology Center of the University of Siena.
I have the license to practice the profession of geologist

Experience in the study of Radon Indoor and Gas Sampling released from the soil.

Drone VL license, Nautical license, engine within 12 miles

To contact me or to get more information you can send me an email
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Matteo Laudato - geologo